Friday, February 11, 2011


Bohemian style is about being comfortable in your own skin and showing the world who you are and what you’re all about.
Bohemian style was inspired by the hippie movement in the 60s (flower child anyone?), so think blue jeans, peasant blouses, fringe (on anything!), beads, and headbands. Anything loose and flowy is ideal.

So I ask you, are you sitting there stroking your chin and wondering how to pull off a bohemian look?  Are you not sure what you'll need? Are you frustrated by my pointless questions because you know I don't really want to hear the answers? Okay don't answer that last one because I'm about to explain (try to explain is more like it) and show you everything you'll need to pull off that great boho look we all want and love!

Well first of all you need a carefree attitude...yes i said carefree 

(You don't HAVE to pose this way but it is highly recommended, I mean no one can say they don't look laid back and free right?)

You can’t have a bohemian style if you’re trying to consistently follow rules and regulations ladies. Bohemian style is about being laid back and creative, you’re focus is on movement and self-expression, you can’t be a bohemian in tight fitting clothes, it just doesn’t work. 

MK is a true bohemian, you never see this gal in anything tight!

A peasant blouse is essential to any carefree girl’s wardrobe. Peasant blouses come in many shapes and sizes so make sure you find ones that show off your personality and work with your body type.  
You’ll also need a 60s style caftan (usually belted - you don’t want to look prego do you?) and a few colourful tunics (some people can make a tunic work as a minidress but when in doubt, throw some jeans or capris underneath, you don’t want to pull a Lindsay Lohan (sorry Lins) and be flashing everyone you walk by, do you!)

Heres a great example of a tunic dress worn with an oversized floppy hat. perfect perfect perfect!

The next thing you’ll need is the loose hippie skirt that flows to the ground. (floor length skirts can be hard to pull off so if you’re not sure about it, that’s fine, opt for a loose calf length skirt instead.)

I know you know you can’t pull off that chic boho look without romantic fluid dresses, so get to it, go shopping and buy yourself a few! Try calf-floor length dresses with paisley prints or romantic floral prints.  But remember, if you’re going to wear a dress with a lot going on, then keep your accessories to a minimum, you don’t want to look like a crazy lady!

Take a cue from Nicole Richie, I love her flowy dress and braided headband 

Add a fur vest or coat to your outfit when you’re going out. It can add endless glamour to your look. You can throw a fur vest over virtually anything and it will make any outfit look polished and complete…even if what you’re wearing underneath is a spaghetti stained top (yes, I am speaking from my personal experience).

Mary kate and Ashley have great bohemian style, and check out that fur! Mmmmmm yeah!

Now lets talk accessories shall we…
Accessories are crucial, I repeat CRUCIAL when it comes to your bohemian look.  
Everyone should have some sort of boho bag even if bohemians not their style. Try a slouchy bag with fringe, patchwork, leather, or beading, (you have no idea how much of an impact a fringed bag can have on ones outfit, it’s insane!)  
One word. Perfection.

Because bohemian style is all about casual comfort, boots are a must. Fringed boots are a great option and they go with almost everything. Slouchy boots are also great and come in a variety of styles. Try a wedged boot for night, it will help elongate those legs of yours.

Kate Moss in vintage fur and moccasin boots. What can I even say? She always looks incredible. 

To give an outfit an instant bohemian feel, just add a few long necklaces, chunky rings, dangly earrings, and thick bangles. You can wear jewelry made out of virtually anything from African beads, wood, leather, stones, crystals, metal, rope, or, well you get the idea…it can be made from just about anything! 

Pile on that jewelry girl, show em' how its done! (Verushka, 1969)

Silk scarves are also a must. They can be worn around your waist as a belt or wrapped around your head as a headband.
Ignore the fact that this girl is naked and check out that scarf headband! Girlfriends got it going on

Okay so I know I skipped over a few things here and there but hey, I'm not perfect. It's up to YOU to figure out the rest, after all I'm not your mother! (I joke), just make sure that whatever you decide to buy and wear you know it suits YOUR individual personality!
Remember, don't get too caught up in putting your outfits together. It's not meant to feel like work, it should be an enjoyable experience, so take risks, be bold, and have fun out there!


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