Monday, February 14, 2011

Red and Pink all over

It’s that day again, it regrettably comes every year no matter what you do, the day you loathe just as much as I do, you know what I’m talking about people, I’m talking about big bad Valentines Day.
I usually spend this day eating cheezies and watching 80s movie like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Breakfast Club (sometimes I wish I lived in an 80's musical but thats a whole different issue). 
Anyways....this year I’ve decided to stop being an evil crazed Valentines Day hater and embrace it this holiday for what it really is.
Instead of being a hater and continuing to complain, I want to show you the most romantic life-altering tear shedding love stories of all time (in MY opinion, this is my blog after all) for you and you’re lovely significant other.
Please enjoy my little munchkins.

Let’s begin with the Notebook
…ah yes, my eyes fog up just thinking about this one, it’s a goodie.
I cry every single time...
Like you don’t?

'If you're a bird, I'm a bird'

I usually tear up around this part...

Next up we have A Walk to Remember. 
I was 12 when I first watched this movie and I instantly fell head over heels in love with Shane West, he was the perfect example of that 'bad boy goes good thing' that all young girl's yearn for.

I was always jealous of that Jamie Sullivan...

Jack + Rose = True Love
.....enough said

Titanic = heart wrenching love story

This next black and white movie warms my little heart.
Nothing beats Casablanca

Here's looking at you, kid

And because this list would never be complete without the most tragically beautiful love story of all time. I give you,
Romeo and Juliet. 

Yes, these are from the original movie, 1968 baby, look it up

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  1. Why have you stopped blogging? I love your blog, you inspire me.. please start again. :)
    - Fan