Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Let's begin with a quote from Miss Coco Chanel herself.
'Innovation!  One cannot be forever innovating. I want to create Classics."
Ahh yes, you said it girlfriend.
Everyone knows what 'classic style' is, you've see it in old movies and read about it in all the magazines.
Having a classic style does not give you the right to ignore fashion trends though ladies, please don't wear the same thing over and over and try to use the poor excuse of 'these penny loafers are classic, my style is classic damn it, these holes are classic, it's just a worn in look!' I'm sorry but it just won't cut it.
You should however stick to pieces you know work for you and will work for you in the future.
It is important to constantly look fresh by adding your own personal twist to your classic outfits. Just because you're dressing a bit more conservatively than some people doesn't mean you should look boring.

Let's quickly take a look at a list of things you will probably have or need if you're style is Classic.
First of all, a little black dress is a must. It is important to find the perfect little black dress that suits YOU, it doesn't have to be the trendy, in fact, it shouldn't be.

Next we have the Suit. I think this one's pretty self explanatory. You can always mix and match different pieces of your suit to create new looks like Jackie O always did...

You should also invest in a beautiful trench coat. Trench coats scream classic in so many ways.
Take a cue from miss Brigitte Bardot, she had amazing style.

You will also need a white button down shirt (obviously), a pencil skirt (knee length preferably), a pull over sweater, a striped fisherman's sweater, tailored trousers (wide legs perhaps?), a simple long fur coat (go faux of you don't approve of the real deal), ballet flats, aviators or oversized sunnies, black closed toe pumps, leather gloves (it gets cold out there!), simple sandals, suspenders and ties (you know you want to), a simple black or brown handbag, loafers (you NEED loafers people), and last but not least, a simple and elegant watch.
Now you know as much as I know about Classic style, how does it feel? Good? Bad?  Different...? 
Well I hope this helped because there are many posts to come about different Styles and how to achieve them.
Enjoy your night my babies    

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